Academic essay

  • An understanding of ‘sati’ and ‘saranaṭa’ in the Pāli Canon – By Bhikkhu Gyanabodhi
  • The Four Assurances of a Holy Life! – By Bhikkhu Gyanabodhi
  • The Meaning and Significance of Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems! – By Bhikkhu Gyanabodhi
  • Abhisār – Rabindranath Tagore’s Poetic Adaptation of an Episode from Upagupta Legend: An Example of Buddhist Narratives in the Time of Bengal Renaissance – By Upali Sraman
  • An Awareness Regarding the Question of Authenticity or Reliability in Interpreting Buddhist Teachings – By Upali Sramon
  • “What is Reality?: A Compendium of Scientific Discovery and the Buddha’s Discovery” – Reviewed by Venerable Upali Sramon
  • The Steps on the Journey to Enlightenment: Accomplishing the Perfections – By Venerable S. Upali (or Upali Sramon)
  • Chinese Dhammapada Verses Now Available in Bengali Language – Venerable Upali Sramon