What is Vangabodhi? 

Vangabodhi is an online resource center dedicated mainly to the study, presentation and preservation of information regarding the history, literature, culture, heritage and contemporary issues about Buddhism and Buddhist Communities in and from Bangladesh.  It is maintained by a group of Bangladeshi students studying in different countries. Vangabodhi aims to

  • create awareness of the heritage of Bengali Buddhism among the international audience.
  • engage with the  interested (international) audience in the study and discussion of historical and contemporary issues about Buddhism in Bangladesh.
  • to revive the the study and discussion of Buddhism among Bangladeshi Buddhists from all communities.

What do we do?

Vangabodhi can be a helpful resource if you are looking for information regarding the historical or contemporary issues or just about Bangladeshi Buddhism in general. You can find academic essays, biographies of great personalities in Bengali Buddhism and their contributions, contemporary issues. The contributors are students and scholars from Bangldesh, some of whom are studying in different countries.

  • We write factual, critical, informative, and comprehensive articles
  • We translate important works from Bengali to English and vis-à-vis
  • We provide links to important publications related to Buddhism in Bangladesh.
  • We distribute pictures of Buddhist historical importance to important institutions to make them aware of past glories of Buddhism in Bangladesh

How to contribute to Vangabodhi?

You are already helping our mission by visiting and reading our posts. However, we also accept writings about any contemporary and historical issues of Bangladeshi Buddhism. We accept both English and Bangla articles. We also accept photos and videos of interesting and important Buddhist places and events in Bangladesh.

  • Please send your articles, photos, videos to vangabodhi@gmail.com . Specify clearly: Author’s full name, current professional/academic status, program and institution.
  • Articles can be academic or non-academic, in English or Bangla. Please use Tahoma fonts [for Pāli, Bengali or other words with diacritical marks].
  • All contents must be factual, interesting and relevant to Buddhism in Bangladesh.
  • All contributions will be reviewed by our committee first.
  • In the case of further improvements we will contact you directly. The final version should accordingly be prepared and sent to us for publication.
  • There is no fixed date of publication. We keep the right to publish an approved article according to our convenient time.
  • All of these rules may not apply for contributions sent for the Special Issue. We have separate guidelines for submissions to the Special Issue.