Vissavijjālaye ettha kalikātā’ti saññite

Pāli vibhāga padhāno-Baruyā benimādhavo

Sabbattha patthaṭayaso nānā satthesu kovido

Sobhayi puṇṇacando’va nabhe vigata valāhako.

So āsi sudhīnaṁ seṭṭho mahāpañño mahāyaso

Sīho’va vigatabhayo parisāsu upasaṁkami.

Silālekhe purātatte dassanesu ca so sudhī

Vinicchayamāno tattaṁ vihmayi paṇḍituttame.

Sadese videse ceva sadā sakkatamānito

Vyākaronto satthavācaṁ sohi acari cārikaṁ.

Mettacitto so sadayo-sogatānaṁ varasogato

Sabbatthā janahitāya attānaṁ tu niyojayi.

Satavassa samuttinno jātiyā janamānase

Virājati jīvanto’va sodhīmā idānipi

So rājatu cira’mevaṁ guṇobhāsa samujjalo

Amhākamantare ṭhātu baruyā beṇimādhavo.

(Composed by Silananda Brahmacari, Originally published in B. M. BARUA BIRTH CENTENARY COMMEMORATION VOLUME. )

English Translation of the Poem

(Translated by Priya Rakkhit)

Here, in the university (which is) known as Kolkata,

Benimadhab Barua, the head of the Pali department,

Who was widely known everywhere as an expert in various subjects (or academic disciplines),

Shone like the full moon in the cloudless sky.

He was foremost among the scholars, very wise and of great fame

He approached assemblies, fearless like a lion.

He was wise in the (study of) rock-edicts, archaeology, and philosophy

In investigating (or analyzing) the facts, he surprised the best of scholars.

Always honoured and revered in his own country and abroad

Indeed he traveled (widely) explaining the teachings of the master (the Buddha).

A man of benevolent mind, kind-hearted, he was a noble among the Buddhists

Everywhere he indeed devoted himself to peoples’ benefit.

Hundred years have passed since his birth,

Even now that wise man shines as living in the people’s mind.

May he thus shine forever resplendent with the splendor of merits!

May Benimadhab Barua stay in our hearts!


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