Venerable Jyotipala Mahathera – the tenth Sangharaja of Bangladesh

Venerable Jyotipala Mahathera, born ón the 5th  January 1914 in the Comilla district, is widely known as the tenth Sangharaja of Bangladesh. Ordained as a Buddhist monk at the age of 13, Jyotipala Mahathera, rendered service to Buddhists and non-Buddhists of Bangladesh in various capacities until

Jyotipala Mahathera (1914-2003)

his death in 2003. Being a Buddhist monk, his duty was not limited to religious duties of temple which of course he fulfilled with utmost care.

He was very active in social reform and welfare activities, being credited as the founder of many institutions such as Baraigaon Girls’ High School, Baraigaon Buddhist Orphanage etc.

He was a learned scholar of Buddhist texts and a prolific writer who composed many books on various aspects of Buddhist philosophy, translated several classic texts, and  compiled the Pali-Bangla Dictionary with the joint editorship of Venerable Shantapada Mahasthabir.

Peace Pagoda Built by Jyotipala Mahathera in Chittagong

During the 1971 War of Independence against Pakistan, he travelled to  different countries, like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan and met important diplomats and government officials in those countries to demonstrate the injustice and inhuman massacre that was going on in Bangladesh. As a first hand witness of the havocs of war he was very instrumental in generating international concerns and winning supports.

As recognitions for his peace mission activities several national and international organizations honoured him with awards and medals. After his death in 2003, the funeral ceremony was conducted honouring him as a national hero with military salutations. The Government of Bangladesh conferred on him the most distinguished Ekushe Padak award in 2010  recognizing and honouring his contributions for the independence of Bangladesh.


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