The Causes of Decline of Buddhism in Indo-Bangladesh Sub-continent – by Dilip Kumar Barua


Buddhism from its very introduction to the end of the Pala rule, (12^ century A.D. ) was a living force on the Indo-Bangladesh sub-continent. From this sub-continent this religion was spread in all most all parts of greater Asia. But this is the irony of fate that this was lost in the soil of its origin. Scholars and historians widely differ with one another as to exactly what the causes of the decline of Buddhism in the Indo-Bangladesh sub-continent were. To determine the causes that responsible for the decline of Buddhism is the main theme of this article. In fact, various accounts of the death of Buddhism have been constructed by the scholars, both from within India and from outside. The most important causes are: 1) Tantrism; 2) Hostility of non-Buddhist rulers; 3) Loss of royal patronage; 4) Philosophical opposition; 5) Foundation of the Bhikkhuni Sangha; 6) Internal conflict in Sangha; 7) Lack of social impact; and 8) Died of old age. I have listed these in what I suggest are their order of importance. Let us examine the possibility of these causes.

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